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KetoGenic Accelerator Review : Pills, Side Effects, Uses & Buy KetoGenic Accelerator

What is KetoGenic Accelerator?

KetoGenic Accelerator (Coleus Forskohlii) is an ancient Ayurvedic plant and a member of the mint and lavender family, which grows in the mountains of Asia.

This plant has been used since ancient times to treat heart disorders such as high blood pressure and chest pain (angina), as well as respiratory disorders such as asthma.

  • 100% pure organic ingredient
  • Extracted from ancient Asian plant
  • Study shows effectiveness on fat loss

In a 2005 study undertaken at the Department of Health and Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Kansas, KetoGenic Accelerator was proven to highly effective for decomposing body fat,especially belly fat.

  • KetoGenic Accelerator was recently recommended as one of the best dietary supplements for belly fat blasting. KetoGenic Accelerator burns belly fat from the inside, while preserving lean muscles, resulting in flat and toned abs.
    “The rapid belly melt
    for every body type”

    Conveniently taking one dosage of 125 mg of KetoGenic Accelerator in the morning is enough to help lose that excess belly fat.

How KetoGenic Accelerator works


Simply put, KetoGenic Accelerator releases fatty acids from adipose tissue, allowing them to be burned for energy, leading to the melting effect of the the belly fat.

    • Generates thermogenesis effect
    • Stimulate cAMP enzyme that burns fat
    • Dissolves fat cells

    This thermogenesis effect is the result of a chain reaction initiated by the chemicals in KetoGenic Accelerator. It increases an enzyme in the human body called adenylate cyclase.

    This enzyme increases levels of another enzyme called cAMP (cyclic AMP) which is found in fat. Then a third enzyme, lipase, will be stimulated, resulting in fat burning.

Burns fat from within KetoGenic Accelerator

The reasons why people tend to store a large amount of belly fat varies from genetic heritage to high stress level.

“It also prevents
the forming of new fat”

In fact, one of the major reasons is the excess consumption of carbohydrates, which are highly concentrated in sugar and processed food. Excessive energy contained in these sources easily turns into fat cells around the belly.

KetoGenic Accelerator changes the way human body treats those fat cells. It not only melts away the existing belly fat, it also prevents the forming of new fat.

WHERE TO BUY KetoGenic Accelerator?

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